Third EMMY for ‘In the Garden with Bryce Lane’

Simone Keith, Bryce Lane and Sonya Williams Harris received a 2015 EMMY for "In the Garden with Bryce Lane."“In the Garden with Bryce Lane” won its third regional EMMY® Award in Nashville, Tennessee. The series was named top instructional/informational TV series in the mid-South. The award capped an 11-season run for the show on North Carolina’s public television network, UNC-TV.

This year’s EMMY awards honored the 2013 production year, which was the final season of “In the Garden.” Covering an array of gardening subjects, including plant identification and propagation, treatment for diseased plants, soil composition and home landscaping techniques, the series also delved into the science behind plants and plant growth.

Receiving the award for “In the Garden” were Lane, retired Horticultural Science instructor; Simone Keith, videographer and editor with NC State’s University Communications; and Sonya Williams Harris, producer and assistant editor, formerly with University Communications.

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