Congratulations Graduates!

Undergraduates practicing for PLANET competition

Undergraduates practicing for PLANET competition

Congratulations to our Graduates!
The end of the semester always brings a fresh set of students finishing their career at NC State and making their way in the world. We wish this group best wishes for a bright future! See the group of graduating undergraduates and graduate students here!

Undergraduate Graduates for December 2013

Thomas Michael Batts
James Ethan Bridges
Christian Randolph Britt
Jonathan Wayne Currin
Kurtis Craig Durrant
Don Raymond Edwards
Blair A. Lane
Matthew Vernon Leary
Nicole Theresa Lewis
Keith Albert Lukowski
Justin Miles Maness
Stanton Parker McDuffie
Mason C. McNair
Caitlin Iris Miller
Whitney Duncan Phillips
Kimberly May Shearer
Timothy Aric Weiler
Amanda Michelle Wilkins
Worth E. Williams

Undergraduate Certificate Graduates

Jerry Lane Cloninger
Rodney “Pete” Franklin Pearce
John Robert Suggs

Agricultural Institute Graduates

Joshua D. Jackson
James Robert Konowski
Christian Gregory Lonnecker
Tiffany Minjarez
Edward Alton Owens
Michael Dean Sizemore
Graham Lee Walker



Ms. Jamie Mikaela Anderson, Dr. Helen Kraus, Advisor


Ms. Xiaolin Huang (In Absentia) – Ms. Julieta Sherk, Chair
Sustainable Residential Design:  An Aesthetic, Environmental, and Area Use Assessment and Evaluation

Ms. Biaofei Jiang (In Absentia) – Ms. Julieta Sherk, Chair
Street Tree Planting Methods & the Impact on the Quality of the Streetscape: A Case Study in Downtown Raleigh

Ms. Dana R. Reynolds (In Absentia) – Dr. Lucy Bradley, Chair
Planting the Seed of a Children’s Garden

Ms. Michelle A. Rose – Ms. Anne Spafford, Chair
Valuing the Residential Landscape: Comparison of Selected Ecosystem Service Benefits between Conventional and Sustainable Design


Mr. Jared G. Barnes – Dr. Paul Nelson and Dr. Brian Whipker, Co-chairs
Quantifying the Factors that Influence Root Substrate pH

Ms. Connie Landis Fisk (In Absentia) – Dr. Mike Parker and Dr. Penny Perkins-Veazie, Chair and Vice-chair
Effect of Orchard Management Practices on Peach Tree Growth, Yield, and Soil Ecology

Ms. Suzanne O’Connell – Dr. Nancy Creamer, Chair
Short-term Nitrogen Mineralization and Soil Microbial Response to the Incorporation of Warm-season Cover Crops in Organic Farming Systems

Mr. Steven M. Todd (In Absentia) – Dr. Craig Yencho, Chair
Application of Near-infrared Spectroscopy to Study Inheritance of Sweetpotato Composition Traits