Welcome Matt Lenhardt

matt-lenhardtPlease join us in welcoming Matt Lenhardt (malenhar@ncsu.edu) to the South Central District and Iredell County. Matt began as the Iredell County Horticulture Agent on June 6th. He moved to North Carolina from Brevard County, Florida, where he served as a commercial horticulture Extension agent for the University of Florida / IFAS Extension. Matt earned a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Leadership from the University of Georgia. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture from Clemson University. Join us in welcoming Matt to the South Central District Team! 

Welcome to Our New Area Specialized Agents (ASAs)

Welcome to Our New Area Specialized Agents (ASAs)

We are pleased to welcome five new and one continuing area specialized agents to our horticulture Extension team. You may be wondering…. What is an Area Specialized Agent? From the job description: “the area specialized agents (ASAs) will be responsible for planning, developing, executing, and evaluating and reporting the impacts of high-quality research-based extension programs in a specific content area over a designated multi-county area.” What makes the ASA positions different from other Extension field faculty is two-fold. First, the ASAs will focus on commercial production of either fruit and vegetable production or ornamental crop (nursery and greenhouse) production. Secondly, the ASAs will have multi-county responsibilities.  We are thrilled to have these new team members with which to collaborate on outreach educational programs. Continue reading

Bob Kellam’s Transformative Leadership as an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer


In 2005 Bob Kellam, retired from the U.S. EPA and managing his small urban farm, became an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer (EMGV) in Wake County. Since then, he has provided local leadership to the EMGV Wake County program, as well as leading the statewide EMGV Association. He has also chaired the NC EMGV endowment. Continue reading