Open Enrollment for Online Certificate Programs

It’s that time of year again—enrollment is open for our online courses and programs! The department offers two different certificates that can be completed entirely online as well as in person: the Undergraduate Certificate in General Horticulture and the Graduate Certificate in Horticultural Science. Both certificate programs are fifteen credit hours (five courses).

Our Undergraduate Certificate has been quite popular with homeowners and hobbyists looking to increase their knowledge of horticulture, career changers wanting to test the waters before taking the leap, and high school students experimenting with different fields before college. This program allows students to build a foundation in the basics of horticulture while exploring the different disciplines within our field. Courses include topics such as design, propagation, landscape maintenance, food production, plant nutrition, permaculture, and more.  One of our newest courses, Power of Plants, is an online plant identification course built in conjunction with Longwood Gardens, including stunning detailed photos taken at Longwood. You can learn more about this program on our website.

The Graduate Certificate is a great option for professionals who already have a degree in horticulture or a related science but are looking to further hone their skills. The Graduate Certificate allows students to specialize in an area that they are particularly interested it. More information on the Graduate Certificate can be found on this website.

Both certificates can be taken completely online. Courses are offered asynchronously and with the knowledge that many students have other responsibilities at work and at home. We’d love to have you come join us!  For more information, contact Ms. Lis Meyer (