Introducing Dr. Hernández & Sustainable Horticultural Energy

Dr. Ricardo Hernández of Horticulture Sustainable Energy

Dr. Ricardo Hernández is originally from the north part of Mexico in the state of Chihuahua. He came to the United States for his education. He earned a Undergraduate degree in Agronomy from New Mexico State University, Masters of Science in Entomology (biocontrol) from Texas A&M University, and Doctorate degree in Plant Physiology with a minor in Ag & Biosystems Engineering from the University of Arizona. His program focus at the Department of Horticultural Science will be in Horticulture Sustainable Energy. His areas of research are:

  1. Evaluation and modeling of energy conservation strategies in horticultural production systems
  2. Light-plant interactions: Light environment manipulation to improve plant production systems
  3. Sustainable and organic horticultural production of specialty crops under controlled environment

LED picRicardo will also be teaching a course in sustainable/organic horticultural production and he will lead a study abroad program in sustainability. To learn more about Ricardo’s interests and recent publications please visit: