2015 ASHS Awards & Recognition

DR. TOM RANNEY elected ASHS Fellow

ranneyElection as a Fellow of the ASHS Society is the highest honor that can bestow members, in recognition of truly outstanding contributions to horticulture and the ASHS Society.

Dr. Ranney’s research is focused in development of new nursery and bioenergy crops with greater adaptability, pest resistance, and commercial potential; enhancement of production efficiency and quality of crops; performance of basic research in plant science, cytogenetics, and reproductive biology.

awarded ASHS 
Outstanding Researcher

perkins-veazieThe ASHS Outstanding Researcher Award recognizes a horticultural crops scientist who has had an outstanding record in research on one or more horticultural crops and in one or more areas of horticultural research for a period of 10 or more years.

Dr. Perkins-Veazie’s research areas cover farm to fork fresh storage, quality, food safety, and phytonutrient content of fresh or minimally processed fruits and vegetables. Most research is in areas of caneberry shelf life and watermelon uses as phytonutrient sources for improving human health.

DR. JOHN DOLE is President Elect of ASHS

doleHorticultural Science Department Head and Floriculture Professor. Conducting research primarily on cut flowers (new cultivar evaluations, production studies, postharvest experiments, and marketing analysis), poinsettias, and rooted and unrooted cuttings (production) and postharvest handling.