Kilgore Nano Vineyard

Sara Spayd and the Nano VineyardDr. Sara Spayd, the viticulture professor in the Department of Horticultural Science, collaborated with the landscape design construction studio (HS 401) to build a grape vine species demonstration at Kilgore Hall. She asked them to design a wooden trellis where she can showcase examples of three grape species for use in her viticulture class (HS 423).

Applying student’s landscape design skills to real-world problems is the basis of the construction studio. Through the design process, the students evaluated for appropriateness the sunny site at the back entrance of Kilgore Hall, and per Dr. Spayd’s direction, determined it would be a good place to grow grapes. The students then developed construction layout plans, planting plans and cost predictions of their design ideas. Dr. Spayd reviewed and gave feedback on the students varied design ideas, and chose a combination of the proposals for the design.

With funds from Dr. Spayd, the process concluded with the construction of what came to be called the Nano Vineyard, including; a simple trellis, soil preparation and the installation, and pruning of the Vitis vinifera Cabernet, Muscadine, and Sunbelt vines.

This was a win-win situation for the students who learned about the correct way to design and build a grape trellis and for Dr. Spayd who got a resource for her viticulture class

Kilgore Hall Nano Vineyard