Comings & Goings – June 2015

Please join in welcoming to the department:

  • Suzanna Denison, Extension Assistant, working with Jeanine Davis
  • Kathy Field, Business Services Coordinator for the Arboretum
  • Lisa Sanderson, Program Coordinator, working with Lucy Bradley
  • Emily Silverman, Research Technician, working with Todd Wehner
  • Ann Tomko, Program Coordinator, working with Craig Yencho
  • Matt Waldschmidt, Research Technician, working with Katie Jennings and Chris Gunter
  • Asher Wright, Project Coordinator, working with Sarah Blacklin and NC Choices

In the last couple of months the department have said goodbye to:

  • Carter Edgerton
  • Briana Boaz
  • Alicain Carlson
  • Lauren McClean