Sharing the Knowledge

PAX and the Hort Club members

PAX and the Hort Club members

One of the goals of the Children’s Programs at the JC Raulston Arboretum is to welcome children, youth, and their families into the gardens. One chilly Saturday morning last November, members of PAX and the Hort Club did just that. Fueled by coffee and their passion for horticulture, graduate and undergraduate students helped local Girl Scouts earn their Tree badges. They taught the tree anatomy, lead a tree walk through the Arboretum, demonstrated basic pruning techniques, and made a snack and craft from trees.

Throughout the morning, several of the troop leaders inquired about the volunteer help at the program. The leaders were impressed most by the enthusiasm, the knowledge, and the joy with which the students were teaching and interacting with the Girl Scouts. That enthusiasm and joy touched each young girl in attendance.  It showed how exciting and how broad the field of horticulture is. Students answered questions about their journey to and through school, research projects, and plans after school. Community engagements by students in settings like these are the best way to continue growing our field of science.

Thanks to the many professors, teaching assistants, researchers, and staff that are doing an amazing job teaching, working with, and guiding students in the Department.

And many thanks to the students who were great examples of our Department and shared their time and knowledge with the Girl Scouts!