Cisneros on CALS’ International Impact

Mr. Jose Cisneros

Visit CALS International Programs online, and you’ll get an idea of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ presence around the globe. You’ll see our students visiting the Czech Republic, our researchers working in farm fields in Peru and Kenya, and delegations of scientists and agriculturists from all over the world visiting our college.

“CALS’ international presence is impressive and very diverse. We are talking about training, we are talking about students, we are talking about research, we are talking about development,” says Jose Cisneros, CALS’ international programs director. “The impact of these efforts is huge and reaches many countries in every continent.”

Cisneros has a strong background in international agriculture, having held related jobs at two universities (Michigan State and University of Missouri) before moving to North Carolina in 2013. Cisneros was born in Peru, spent part of his childhood in California, and went back to Peru where he lived during his youth. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Peru before returning to the United States to pursue graduate degrees at Michigan State University.

How is the college engaged internationally?

The college has four types of international engagement: research, development, study abroad programs lead by CALS faculty, training and workshops.