The NEW Horticulture Extension Portal

Are you familiar with the NEW Horticulture Extension Portal? The Horticulture Extension Portal launched recently in an effort to centralize many of the Department of Horticultural Science efforts. NC Cooperative Extension portals allows the department to deliver more relevant content and integrate superior services within the website. The Horticulture

Horticulture Extension Portal

Extension Portal is organized into core fields of study, defined areas of expertise, publications, plant identification tools, custom search engines and the latest news and events from department programs,

Horticulture fields of study have been divided into Gardening, Ornamentals, Fruits, Vegetables, Specialty Crops, Organics, Pesticide Management, Weeds, and For Agents. Many of these core categories include other important programs, such as: Commercial Horticulture, Floriculture, Small Fruits, Tree Fruits, Center for Environmental Farming, Extension Agent training materials and more.

Visible on the left hand side, are several helpful links and custom tools for industry and consumer specific resources. The Plant Database helps visitors identify plants based on primary characteristics. The Floriculture, Fruit, Vegetable and Weed InfoSearch are custom search engines based on their specific topic that pull from industry magazines, association websites, scientific literature and NC State University repositories.

In coming months, you will see the Department of Horticultural Science Extension web pages fully integrate and transition to the Horticultural Extension Portal as we extend services.